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W.P. (Bill) Gwozd, P.Eng.
Senior Vice President, Gas Services

Ziff Energy's experienced and knowledgeable engineers, geologists, and economists understand the natural gas business challenges through significant years of actual industry practice, numerous client-specific consulting projects, and a variety of multi-client studies that address upcoming strategic issues.

Over the past three decades, we have undertaken assignments that span all aspects of the natural gas value chain, from gas supply and gas demand, to gas transport and gas storage, to cost of gas and long term gas price outlooks to 2050.

Ziff Energy's success is built on our gas team's deep understanding of industry fundamentals and unbiased analysis, combined with real industry 'been there - done that' experience, and a recognition and understanding of the needs of each client.  By keeping our long term radar on, we are able to provide an integrated view of the North American gas business with the capability to identify emerging trends and outlooks before they are widely perceived.